Who am i?

well i’m to lazy to describe myself, please refer to your search engine. :) Ok let me try to describe myself.

Mahyuddin Susanto aka udienz is a system and network administrator since 2007 also known as Ubuntu Developer. I was operating many servers with different services just like web servers, ftp servers, storage servers mail servers, etc. I’m working at Wowrack as linux system administrator


  1. Mail server > spamassassin, postfix, DKIM, OpenDMARF, etc
    • DKIM key
    • barracuda
  2. Database
    • MySQL > clustering, replication, etc
  3. Webservers > Load Balancer, proxy, etc
  4. Webhosting > cpanel, ispconfig, etc
  5. Networking > OSPF, BGP, WAN, Cisco, Catalyst, Vyatta, Quagga, Mikrotik
  6. Cloud > Openstack, proxmox, Cloudstack
  7. Puppet, ansible
  8. And other sysadmin boring stuff…

Specialties: Network Management, Networking, Linux Server, Linux Based Networking, Organization, Security, Cisco, Vyatta, Mikrotik, Monitoring




  1. Debian QA:
  2. Ubuntu at Launchpad
  3. GPGKey